Being an outspoken critic of the charlatans, snake oil salesmen and the unethical therapists and trainers that are unfortunately, all too common within the profession, I have been privately approached by a number of hypnotherapists (and even trainers) seeking clarity, guidance and personal mentoring.

As I am a strong advocate of raising standards in the profession, often, and especially if this involves a short conversation, I will gladly help my peers for free. However, if they wish to enter invest in some regular mentoring or supervision, I offer a discounted hourly rate.

If you are a therapist seeking technical guidance, need steering in the right direction, or a disenfranchised trainer or member of some of the more questionable organisations, feel free to get in touch.

Similarly, if you are considering a career in hypnotherapy and want an honest and frank discussion about the profession and the options available to you, I invite you to schedule a free ten minute chat, for some honest pointers and opinions.




When I began promoting the UKHC in 2016, I wanted to create a group that would co-exist alongside the event’s social media presence where our hypnotists, hypnotherapists and hypnosis enthusiasts could discuss, debate and share ideas without proving a distraction to, or detracting from the event.

So in July 2016, three months before the first UK Hypnosis Convention, the Hypnosis Discussion Network was launched.

Over the years membership has steadily grown to over four thousand members and is rising daily but to keep the conversation flowing and the membership growing, I decided to launch a podcast dedicated to the topics being discussed in the group.

In the spring of 2024 the Hypnosis Discussion Network podcast is scheduled to be officially launched.




In 2016 I set up and launched the UK Hypnosis Convention, attracting some of the best speakers and trainers from around the world. It proved so successful that by 2018 it moved from Canary Wharf to a bigger venue and still managed to sell out it’s new and bigger home.

That year I also decided that I had taken the convention as far as I could. In three years it had become the biggest industry event of it’s kind outside of the USA, but it needed new ownership to realise my dream of being credible enough to entice the leading names in hypnosis research and academia. As a result, my good friend Adam Eason, one of the UK’s most influential names and himself studying a PhD in the field, agreed to take ownership from 2019 onwards and has not disppointed in making my dream become a reality.

The UK Hypnosis Convention under its new management now boasts the likes of Steve Jay Lynn and Irving Kirsch as keynotes and presenters and in 2023 will welcome Derren Brown for a special Q&A. I am immensely proud of what my friend has achieved and how we both made it a reality together.

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