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Becoming a Hypnotherapist, what you might not have been told.

This blog is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking about training as a hypnotherapist. I recently saw a post in a facebook group that posed the following questions to it's members.  How lucrative is the field? How much energy did it take to start a practice? Is...

Worthwhile reads and worthwhile reminders!

I have always felt the need to share anything decent I am reading with others and having just finished both The Good Life and Bad Therapy, I thought the few people who read this blog may appreciate the positive recommendations of both below. One of the few benefits of...

Dont focus on the numpties …

Sitting in the car this morning on the homeward journey of the ever lengthening school run, and I could feel a sense of irritation welling up inside. Not only was the traffic particular bad today and the drivers particular mindless and frustrating, but on the radio,...

Relaunching Advanced Hypnosis Training…

I thought long and hard before reaching the decision to bring Advanced Hypnosis Training back.  A few years back, with my passion for the hypnosis profession beginning to wane, having already ceased or mothballed all the training I was offering (more on both that...

BEWARE: Snake oil salesfolks at work!!

Unfortunately, the hypnosis profession seems to suffer from more than it’s fair share of unethical practitioners and dishonest, uninformed and unscrupulous trainers.

Only by challenging poor standards can we change the profession for the better. 

I am happy to shine a light on individuals or organisations, spreading misinformation, or behaving in a way that is harmful to the public and the profession. If you have something you want to share anonymously (with supporting evidence) please let me know using the link below.

What is best for you?

This is a fundamental question that every professional therapist should be seeking to answer on behalf of all new and prospective clients.

Sometimes, there will be other therapists who specialise in working with particular issues, and who possess niche skills and training that may better serve a client, and in these instances I will not hesitate in recommending them as a viable alternative.

Similarly, if there are instances where I do not believe I can help, such as conflicts of interest, or due to potential ethical issues, I will occasionally decline to work with a client.

What I determine is best for you the client, will ultimately decide whether we can and should work together and that is why I offer a free consultation before we agree to commence work.

What issues can I help with?

Over the years I been privileged to help clients, friends, family and colleagues resolve a number of issues. Details of all many of the issues I help clients with can be found here.
As mentioned, in areas where I strongly believe a peer is way more qualified and experienced in resolving particular issues, I will not hesitate to refer a new or existing client to them.

How many sessions will it take?

I generally like to see clients for at least two sessions, even if we make great progress in the first session. For some issues, change can happy quickly, but for other issues, progress may occur over two to four sessions on average, dependent on a number of factors.

I would strongly urge against being seduced by the promises of quick-fix therapists, as they are working with short term placebo and compliance and not making last change. 

Are sessions held in person or online?

In short, both. I prefer to work in person, but with clients as far afield as the USA and Australia, this is not always the case. Therefore, for standard sessions I offer Zoom or in person appointments in Sidcup. If client’s want me to travel to their place of work, if they are in the M25 they are usually required to book me for a minimum half-day, or will be billed for additional time and expense.  

Will clients be asked to do additional work?

Sometimes, yes. As an integrative therapist, trained in CBT, often I will incorporate a blended approach to my client work which may include asking clients to complete exercises, logs, questionnaires and so forth, to identify issues and measure and maintain progress. For the client who wants lasting change, rather than a temporary quick fix, this is never an issue.

Do I offer guarantees?

I do not offer clients guarantees of success because some variables are out of my control. I do guarantee that I will always act in the interest of my client and use all my knowledge and experience to help them overcome an issue, achieve a goal, or whatever it is they are coming to me to help them with.

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